In 2012, the journey commenced, and today, Westside Insurance Specialists emerges as the embodiment of insurance prowess. We are the agile unit of specialists, honed in skill and unwavering in dedication, ready to serve the dynamic landscape of Western Australia's businesses. As the authorized torchbearers of Insurance Advisernet's legacy, an illustrious name within Australia's general insurance network, we bring to the fore a symphony of value, versatility, and advisory acumen, enriching the enterprises that grace Western Australia.

Our identity transcends mere service providers; we are the embodiment of local insights. Our roots delve deep into the intricate tapestry of Western Australia's insurance requirements, fostering an intuitive grasp of the region's dynamic needs. This local commitment finds its heart in our strategic citadels stationed at Kwinana Beach and Burswood – strategic locales from which we orchestrate the delivery of insurance solutions that stand as paragons of relevance.

Spanning industries and scales, our clientele finds solace in our watchful gaze, but it's our profound rapport with WA's mining, resources, and construction sectors that sets our hearts ablaze. These sectors, driven by shared values of endurance, foresight, and preparedness, find in us a partner who crafts tailored insurance solutions that echo their aspirations.


26/40 Meares Avenue, Kwinana Beach WA, Australia

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