Western Support Services (WSS) – Assist Disabled Individuals To Live Independently As Possible Through NDIS support services Are you looking for a Registered NDIS service provider to get NDIS support services in Melbourne? Well, consider hiring professional caregivers from Western Support Services (WSS). We are experts in delivering disability support services for disability people.

Our support staffs provide all kinds of assistance including housing support for the disabled. Our NDIS plan management provider helps participants to find what they need under NDIS support services and how to utilize NDIS support funding effectively.

Our Services
• INTERPRET/TRANSLATE: The interpret work carried out by our specialised team of experts will provide needed support to the participants in an innovative way for interpretation & translation.
• HOUSEHOLD TASKS: Our support works ensure NDIS participants are living independently by providing all kinds of assistance including NDIS household tasks activities. This includes household tasks like cleaning, grocery shopping, toileting, ironing, laundering, and so which participants on their own cannot accomplish.
• INNOV COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION: Support team Western Support Services encourages NDIS social and community participation so that our participants can improve their well-being through developing new skills.
• ASSIST- TRAVEL/TRANSPORT: Our well-trained NDIS disability support worker offer all form of assistance to our participants to build their capacity and enable them to travel independently
• COMMUNITY NURSING CARE: All our NDIS personal care providers know the health and well-being of our participants are more priority, so they dedicatedly provide all community nursing care according to the individual needs.
• ASSIST- LIFE STAGE/TRANSITION: Our team of specialist caregivers offers Assist- Life Stage to all participants. So that, they can ready themselves to face the upcoming changes in their life.
• ACCOMMODATION/TENANCY: We offer excellent Accommodation/Tenancy support services to our participants so that they can live independently with full safety.
• SUPPORT COORDINATION: To enhance the ability of our participants, we provide specialist support coordination services that enables them to understand what they need on the NDIS support plan.
• PLAN MANAGEMENT: Quality plan managers of Western Support Services will assist our participants on how to manage their allocated NDIS support funding.

Why Choose Us

1. Registered NDIS disability services & support organization
2. Specialised and trained NDIS support coordination providers for the disabled people
3. Custom Support Services Account to Individuals Needs
4. The happiness of Participants Is Our Foremost Priority
5. Provides All NDIS Support Services & Plan Our Expertise Western Support Services have years of experience in providing all kind of support services to the disabled and needed people of Melbourne.

Our qualified & experienced support team provides all kinds of assistance including NDIS assistance with household tasks, community nursing care and so. Our NDIS assist travel transport providers to work to build the capacity of travelling independently amount participants.

Location We Serve Western Support Services, one of the popular registered community nursing care NDIS in Melbourne assist all disabled people and needy people with a range of NDIS support plan. We are located in Weir Views, Vic, dial 0434 610 012 to hire our professional support worker.


3 Buller St, Weir Views VIC 3338, Australia

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