Who are we here to serve?
We work with all insurance companies, as well as individual drivers and fleets.

What can our customers expect from us?
To provide the greatest possible client experience while exceeding expectations.

The finest level of workmanship.
We have expertise in our chosen field.
A company that values the environment as much as the clients it serves.

Our Aspiration and Vision
To be the industry leader by focusing on...
To be the "go-to" collision repair shop for EVs and high-end vehicles. To provide the safest working environment for our employees and, by implication, our customers by following to the industry's highest health and safety laws, rules, and standards. ​

To accomplish best practises by providing our team with good leadership, personal growth, and training. Inspiring our team to strive for excellence via a culture of mutual respect, trust, and support. Giving back to the community by mentoring aspiring young people in the field of strong work ethics. ​

As part of our environmental mission, we will implement demonstrable adjustments to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of our operations. As a result, an ambitious workplace is being created for all to come.


Going above and beyond with amazing service and technology
Nothing beats the satisfaction of witnessing our customers' smiles, feedback, and praises. Going the additional mile is not only a requirement, but also a growth mentality for personal achievement in our career and in life. As a result, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Core Values

THIS IS WHAT WE DO BEST: Ensure the safety of our customers and vehicles.
We restore all vehicles to OEM standards, allowing our customers' vehicles to prepare for circumstances the way they were intended to perform.

Our Employees' Safety
"We're never too busy to be safe," is our motto. When it comes to caring for our employees, we make no compromises by adhering to the most stringent industry standards. We are committed to our employees' well-being and safety as critical measures for all. ​

Doing What Is Right
Respect the people or organisations who pay the bills.

All repairs must be environmentally and economically sound for everyone. We believe we can provide quality service in a timely manner at a reasonable cost to all parties.

Invest in Our Employees Hire the greatest individuals and develop them into the best craftsman in their field, training the next generation.

Invest in cutting-edge technology to enable the highest repair standards, including environmentally friendly solutions.

The Most Exciting Experience
We strive to give the finest customer experience possible from the moment you walk through our doors until you receive your vehicle. Communication is essential for keeping our customers informed at all times.


1 Altona St, Bibra Lake WA 6163, Australia

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