We strive to provide a unique and specialised counselling service for men navigating the modern landscape.  There is, currently, a gap in male positive mental health services.  Men are generative, giving, nurturing, creative and rational problem solvers and our communities need to provide better support for men.  Men require support from professionals that understand their unique circumstances and who adopt a ‘male positive’ perspective when dealing with complex issues such as separation, child access. Interpersonal partner violence, fatherhood & parenting, relationships and more.

We have a special interest in working with dads post separation as this can be an extremely difficult and challenging time.

If you are currently:

struggling to develop solutions to complex problems
in need of a different perspective and new ways of thinking
need to get a few things off your mind using a confidential and safe environment
Then consider making a booking with Provider Counselling and Advocacy Services.


Melbourne VIC, Australia

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