Only George

In 2019, Nicola looked for an ideal bracelets, a mixture of beads and charms with a bohemian vibe. After seeking everywhere - she came upon some very simple braided cotton and beaded bracelets in a popular store. She was flabbergasted at the price - $20 for a piece of cotton with a few tiny seed beads strung onto it. She thought to herself, ""For that price - I can make that - and I can make it better!""

She discovered a local beading and craft store, and the obsession started out. Soon, a favourite medium was a clear choice for her jewellery making. Gemstones. Nicola had recently become captivated by the world of crystals and new age spirituality. She looked for answers from the universe after her marriage breakdown, she was feeling lost and undecided about her place in the world. Crystals became a staple for her journey of self-healing, and when she learned she was able to get gemstones in bead form, she never looked back.

Totally infatuated with her newest hobby, Nicola soon had made more bracelets than she could wear! A friend spotted her creations one day and encouraged she start selling them to fund her new-found hobby. So in November of 2019, Nicola opened her Etsy store - The Boho Bracelet.

Without a prior business knowledge, a single mum and dental nurse by trade, Nicola immersed herself in her new """"small business"""" and dreamed of one day being her own boss. Then, in March 2020, when suddenly the news that Covid-19 was running rampant throughout the world, Nicola acknowledged that those dreams would probably never become a reality. However, the universe works in mysterious ways, and to her absolute surprise, when Australia was forced into lockdown, the orders suddenly came in hard and fast. Everyone was anxious and uncertain what the future held, and they sought out an alternative approach to handling their concerns and uncertainties. They too, just like Nicola, had realised that gemstones hold the power to heal.

Over the following 18 months, The Boho Bracelet moved from strength to strength, but not without its problems of course. The crystal world, in Perth at least, was a strange one. In a community that boasts ""love and light"", Nicola wasn't dealing with any of that from her fellow crystal dealers and jewellery makers. At least not the ones she had run into. It was a tough market, and highly saturated, and she shortly realised not everyone was as kind as they'd made themselves out to be. However, as isolated as Nicola felt, she was determined to find fellow like-minded people that loved crystals, spirituality, and strengthening their sisters instead of tearing them down. Through social media, Nicola finally found her tribe, and has made life-long friends who encourage and support her, and she is able to return the same love and encouragement to them. They aren't regarded as competition, although they are fellow crystal and crystal jewellery dealers. They are seen as sisters. They are loved, supported and appreciated, according to the belief that we are stronger when we get together and work side by side.
Business was good, and in January 2021, Nicola took a massive risk, and left her dental nursing job of 12 years to work on
The Boho Bracelet full time.

But still, the competition continued to be fierce, and unfortunately sometimes a bit too literally. So in June 2021, Nicola made a decision to take a step back from the crystal community and move her brand onto bigger and better things. In July of 2021, Only George was born.

A lover of Eclectic, Art Deco design, with a touch of Mexican and Turkish folk art and opulence, Nicola focused and drew on these inspirations for her new brand. It has opened up a world of endless possibilities for her designs, and she hopes to bring her admirers more substance and depth in her creations. She still adores her crystals and crystal jewellery, and continues to offer her gemstone bracelets, which remain a staple for her loyal customers.
This collection is devoted to her son, her one and Only George.


Morley WA 6062, Australia

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