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Our commitment to both Australia and the world’s future lead us in creating the Australia’s leading retailer company Northside Solar. Our goal is to provide residential and commercial spaces right across this country with a renewable energy solution & quality solar energy systems. We are proud to say we save our valued customers money in energy bills while working towards a cleaner environment. Our clients are happier and are more power efficient.

Our History
An Australian company, we opened our doors with just four employees working in a modestly-sized warehouse. Our core belief was providing the best quality products backed by a level of customer service that was second to none. Seven years on, we have grown exponentially – with a huge team of staff and local solar panel installer contractors operating in most of Australia’s capital cities, we have become a driving force in the solar power industry. In saying that, however, our core belief has not faltered in the slightest; we still deliver top quality products with exceptional service.

We have become a driving force in the solar power industry. In saying that, however, our core belief has not faltered in the slightest; we still deliver top quality products with exceptional service. Local solar installers around the country.

Our vision
What we aim to do is provide our customers with leading technologies in the solar industry to power their homes right around Australia, whether it’s for residential, retail, or commercial purposes. For us to accomplish this, we ensure that the level of knowledge of our sales and technical teams are of the highest calibre. Such expertise gives us the ability to:

Help you select the perfect panel system
Conduct maintenance of your system
Make the most of your investment in solar power
What we see as an ongoing purpose is to open the doors of solar panel installation being a viable and cost-effective choice throughout Australia, from local schools to homes, communities to businesses. The competitive pricing that we can offer stems from good relationships with the leading suppliers in the industry.

Our Values
With the above goals in mind, we set out to define our core values for a sustainable growth strategy and for powering Australia

Making renewable energy viable to all Australians
Premium products and installer service to our customers
Ensuring you get the best return on your investment
Helping take a giant leap towards a sustainable future
Providing the latest technologies direct to you

To take the next step (giant leap) in the right direction for both your wallet and the environment, speak with us today about installation on 1300 3242 958.


805/220 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

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