Leafy Sheets – The No. 1 Eco-friendly Laundry Sheets and Dishwashing Sheets Manufacturer in Australia
Leafy Sheets – A small Melbourne-based business owned by Australian parents who own two little kids. The journey of Leafy Sheets begins with the motive of creating a cleaner and greener planet by following the norms of eco-friendly practices like utilizing eco-friendly dishwashing sheets, laundry sheets, and detergent sheets.
We produce laundry detergent in sheets with no harmful chemicals and eliminate the usage of single-use plastic. This will help to build a healthier and harmless living environment for our future. Visit to know more about us.
Our Products
1. Laundry Sheets: We are the leading manufacturer of powerful cleaning and eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets. Our pre-measured laundry sheet product contains no harsh chemicals and it's 100% plastic-free. Leafy laundry sheets are ultra-concentrated and boosted with a fragrance that will give your fabrics a pleasant smell.
2. Dishwashing Sheets: Our eco-friendly dishwashing detergent sheets are a sustainable alternative solution for harmful chemical dishwashing liquids. Leafy dishwashing sheets are made up of biodegradable materials which promote a cleaner environment by reducing plastic waste.
Why Choose Us?
Leafy Sheets is the leading manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products. We embrace a greener lifestyle by creating a positive impact on the environment. Here are a few key aspects of ours that make us the leader in manufacturing eco-friendly cleaning products all across Australia.
• Family-owned business
• 100% Eco-friendly cleaning products
• Affordable price
• Reliable shipping
• Highly responsive customer service
We are Australia's leading manufacturer of eco-friendly cleaning products. Our revolutionary laundry sheets and dishwashing sheets are the perfect alternative eco-friendly solution for replacing harmful chemical-based laundry detergents and dishwashing powder.
Despite being a Melbourne-based small business, we bring a powerful solution for the alarming problem of plastic bottles and sachets accumulating. Our eco-friendly cleaning products dishwashing sheets and laundry detergent in sheets eliminate unnecessary plastic waste and offer an effective cleaning.
By choosing leafy sheets, you are joining our hands in a revolutionary-cleaning movement to create a chemical-free sustainable future for our next generation.
Buyers who order items worth more than 70$ can enjoy free shipping from us.
Contact and Location Details
Leafy Sheets is a Melbourne-based small business running with the revolutionary mission of creating a healthier living environment for future generations by reducing the use of single-use plastic & harmful chemicals. Our innovative eco-friendly cleaning products would be the perfect replacement for traditional laundry and detergent products.
Being a Melbourne-based fast-growing business, we supply our eco-friendly cleaning products to Sydney, Brisbane and all over Australia through online. To know more about us and to take part in the greener planet movement, visit our official website
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