Expert Pond Maintenance and Cleaning Services in Perth

Stop counting on the ""fish expert"" wannabes who are endangering your aquatic life and damaging your aquatic paradise, and contact us today.

Our company is also there to offer helpful advice if you need it, and because freshwater aquatics are our passion at Get Wet Ponds, you know it's the best advice and service possible.

About Us

David Byrne has had a dynamic involvement in freshwater aquatics more than 20 years and is considered by many as among the top fish savvy people in Perth, but it was just fairly recently that he has taken his outstanding knowledge of fish, ponds and aquariums and used it to business.

Does this mean he’s merely another cowboy without experience? Certainly not, in fact quite the opposite.

David was actually a plasterer by trade until an accident meant he could no more work in that field, and it was at this point that he decided he wanted to work in a new field that he truly loved. David sold off a few assets to find the initial funding for what he now proudly calls, “Get Wet Ponds and Aquariums,” and following that, his business only has grown.

This is a true testament to his passion for fish and aquatic life, as well as his dedication to quality service and advice in Perth

Part of David’s viewpoint is that whenever you have a passion for fish and aquatics, you shouldn’t leave a pond job dry, hence the name ‘Get Wet.’ So remember the name folks, Get Wet Ponds, we’ll literally get wet for ya when others won’t!


Perth Pond and Aquarium Cleaning

Pond and aquarium maintenance includes:

Water testing
Water change
Cleaning of filter and pond or aquarium
Gravel cleaning
Trimming of water plants
Checking that all equipment is running correctly!

Pond Installation

We can help get the problem from designing and installing your dream pond or aquarium. Rather than straining and postponing the dream.. contact us and we'll come your way, and give you a no pressure quote.

Our services include:

Professional pond design
Affordable aquarium installation
Advise on equipment purchases
Pond installation and building
We thought you also might like to see some of our previous work.

Emergency Care

Get Wet Ponds And Aquariums is available 24/7 (honestly, call any time) for emergency care.

Please note that while all things are performed to the best of standards and many of our previous customers have had good outcomes, there can be no guarantees on the emergency cares outcome.

Aquarium Rentals

Been considering purchasing a lovely new aquarium but don’t know the place to start?

Don’t know how to set up an aquarium?

Or perhaps you just don’t have the money today for everything you need?

Let us help you with our exceptional, total packages. Everything you’ll need to look after your aquarium is contained in the price:

Glass or plexiglass fish tank
Accessories (Minimum of freshwater filter, gravel, heater (if required) and one ornament)
Display Stand
Fish food
Free weekly maintenance for 1 month
Basic water quality testers
And perhaps most importantly…
Total installation, set up and basic instruction on what to do, and what not to do!

Don't forget, at Get Wet Ponds, we'll literally get wet, for you!

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