Long before the era of the internet's dominion, Albert Einstein issued a prescient declaration: "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." This proclamation encapsulates the profound conundrum that persists—a reflection on the divergence between technological strides and the essence of our shared humanity.

Greetings! Ava Lucanus here, the driving force behind Edge Communication—a distinguished sanctuary for customer service training located in the heart of Perth. In a world perpetually in thrall to technological progression, where the tapestry of customer experience often frays, my mission stands as a beacon—to rekindle dedication and to reintegrate the splendor of exceptional customer service into the fabric of modern organizations.

My personal journey into the realm of customer service germinated in the nurturing embrace of my parents' modest retail endeavor. Amid those formative years, the art of exemplary customer service and the nuances of interpersonal engagement were unveiled to me. The rudiments of greeting calls with a genuine smile, extending warm welcomes, and weaving the delicate threads that evoke patrons' appreciation were etched deeply. My educational trajectory naturally gravitated toward roles within the domain of customer service, carving out a trajectory spanning two decades across a spectrum of industries, including finance, retail, travel, and aviation.

The early 1990s saw the realization of my aspirations—a venture dedicated to experiential marketing, tantalizingly woven around the indulgence of chocolate and liquor tastings. Without the scaffold of a formal business plan or elaborate marketing machinery, our success burgeoned, eventually employing a dynamic team of 70. The foundation was fortified with values of ardor, enjoyment, courtesy, assistance, and benevolence—a concoction that seemed to magnetize customers organically. The demeanor of our team radiated joy, enthusiasm, and accessibility, even in the absence of an audience. This journey reached its zenith in the year 2000, when I bid farewell to the venture, triumphantly eliminating my mortgage—a testimony to tenacious dedication.

Weaving the roles of motherhood and the impetus for transformation, I embarked on a stint as a part-time telecommunications trainer, unraveling the intricacies of telephony systems to diverse corporate entities. In these immersive sessions, while guiding receptionists through the labyrinthine world of live switchboards, I frequently detected gaps in telephone etiquette and customer service finesse. Fueled by my robust background in customer service, this gap ignited a sense of responsibility. Thus, in the early 2000s, the seeds of Edge Communication's Telephone Skills Training were sown—an initiative orchestrated to refine the telephone-centric customer service aptitude of organizations. This endeavor metamorphosed incessantly, culminating in the evolution of Edge Communication—an institution spanning diverse realms of communication skills and customer service, whether face-to-face or through the digital conduit.

Today, armed with over four decades of immersive experience, my fervor lies in disseminating my insights to organizations seeking to forge indelible customer relationships. These partnerships radiate enhanced profitability and an elevated standing—an outcome of amplified customer experiences. Myriads of clients have transcended mediocrity, infusing the coveted "WOW" factor into their operations. This transformation begets recurrent patronage, quells grievances, and burnishes reputations.

The programs I architect and personally deliver are a testament to interactivity, engagement, and results. The cadence of the audience's pulse is meticulously attuned, nurturing an environment where learning blossoms and no participant is left behind. Testimonials from clients resonate with attributes such as professionalism, expertise, amiability, engagement, support, and inspiration—qualities that encapsulate my insights, disseminated with empathy and warmth. Tales abound of metamorphosis—where disgruntled customers dwindle and self-assured, exuberant staff take center stage.

The coveted distinction of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), bestowed by Professional Speakers Australia, is emblematic of my steadfast commitment to excellence. This honor, conferred upon a select fraction of global orators embodying unparalleled experience, expertise, and ethical conduct, is a testament to my unwavering dedication to perpetual growth and the satisfaction of clients. In the transformative year of 2020, as Covid-19 reshaped paradigms, I secured accreditation as a Certified Virtual Presenter, attesting to my adaptability to the evolving realm of virtual instruction and presentation.

A tireless quest to remain attuned to industry dynamics drives me to craft insightful blog articles, sharing valuable tips for enhancing the customer experience.

With anticipation, I eagerly await our forthcoming dialogue—a conversation to explore how Edge Communication can breathe life into your organization's customer experiences.


South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia

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