On top of marketing, renting and managing residential properties, the real benefit in working with us is undoubtedly our investor circle. While although real estate management is our primary business, Advantas aspires to provide as the conduit to a market expert that you may not have access to previously considered or had access to.
Just like us, our partners seek to serve as trustworthy investment partners who support maximise your capital creation approach.
Regardless of whether your at the beginning of building your property portfolio or a veteran investor, we can assist connect you to folks you can rely on here in WA.

What do we do?
We market, rent and handle domestic investment houses like no one else. We just can't help but strategise methods to improve your bottom line. It's best to think of us as your private investment real estate strategist.

How many properties do we manage?
Advantas possesses a rigid intake policy, just allowing 100 fresh homes to come under supervision every year. We are in the business to develop powerful & rewarding relationships not transactions. Our intake policy permits us to evaluate our systems before engaging in more business. That means for you as a client, you will be truly at the forefront of our mind and not our pockets!

How long have we been in the industry?
We have been in the industry for over 10 years. I initially started out my profession at the age of 16, initially doing work for free of charge! This can be a excellent illustration of the Serve Invest Prosper principle. This small act of support has given me a wealth of experience and an extremely successful career which led to creating my own business or what I like to consider as my group of like minded individuals.

What does ""Advantas"" mean?
The word Advantas is derived from the word ""Advantage"". We selected this name because it is only through our real life experiences (mostly the challenging ones) that we have been offered a benefit in understanding what it truly means to form element of your investment strategy.
The biggest fear for many of us, is doing work so hard and then losing it all. We appreciate this, we have lived it and retrieved and it has provided a burning wish to really change the way business is done.

What makes us different?
Since we think different, we do different.
We are big believers that mentality matters. Our mindset ultimately decides our actions. It is the very distinction between a good property manager and a great one.

What does Serve Invest Prosper mean?
Serve Invest Prosper are the 3 essential pillars which underpin the way we operate our company. This is a philosophy that we live and breath everyday in and outside of our company. It has helped bring alot of good results our way and now we hope to share this particular viewpoint with others. We have even put these pillars in our company logo to provide as a everyday prompt that all activities must align with these three pillars.


Baldivis WA 6171, Australia

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