About A Team Tuition

With over a decade of research and experience, and a talented team of educators onboard, A Team Tuition offers an innovative, Australia-wide tutoring system aimed at helping students across all grade levels, and covering more than 20 different curriculum subjects. A Team’s exclusive approach to tutoring is much more than just offering help with homework - it’s about completely transforming your child’s approach to learning.

A Team employs a team of experienced tutors who are well versed in all subject areas - including English, Humanities, Maths, Sciences, Business and Arts - and our results speak for themselves, with over 87% of the students we work with achieving A’s and B’s. Our highly skilled team excels at tutoring primary, high school, and home-school students - including intensive ATAR tutoring. We also partner with some of the most reputable boarding schools in the country.

Our process is to understand each student’s barriers to learning so that we can carefully match them with the RIGHT tutor who can reshape the curriculum to address the student’s preferred learning style. Once we’re able to assess how each child best absorbs information, we’re then able to make our tutoring sessions as successful and enjoyable as possible. We also believe that the key to achieving the best learning outcomes is to consult with parents, guardians and teachers throughout the process to ensure that the student is being fully supported. With the right teams in place, we’re able to create custom studying strategies and tailored tutoring programs designed to complement each child’s individual learning needs and personality.

At our core, we want all of the students we work with to feel more confident, motivated and excited to engage in learning. Whether you have an early learner who is just starting out on their educational journey, or a high school student who needs to get the very best ATAR possible in order to get into the university of their choice, now is the time to let A Team Tuition help your child soar.


Looking for a primary or high school tutor in Brisbane? A Team Tuition has you covered. Our team of professional tutors across the Greater Brisbane area, including Moreton Bay, Redlands City, Ipswich City and Logan City, are highly experienced in both primary and high school subjects - including intensive ATAR preparation. We take the time to find just the right tutor to mentor and inspire your child with a customised program designed to suit their unique learning needs and personality. Our tutors are happy to meet at your home, school, a local library, or other convenient location, and also offer online tutoring sessions. Our Brisbane tutoring team works with both parents and students to transform the way they study and help your child discover the joy in learning!

Primary School focus
A Team Tuition is ready to inspire a love of lifelong learning in students all across Australia. Beginning in the early years of their educational journey, A Team Tuition offers tutoring for primary students across all subjects, creating tailored tutoring programs designed to complement each child’s individual learning style. Our team consults with parents, guardians and teachers to ensure that we match students with just the right tutor to make our sessions as fun and successful as possible. To keep things simple, our educators are able to travel to your child’s home, school, local library or other convenient location of your choice. If your child needs a boost in gaining the motivation, confidence, or skills they need in order to reach their full potential, A Team Tuition can help your child flourish!

ATAR focus

Is your student on track to get the ATAR they need to get into the post-secondary school of their dreams? If not, A Team Tuition can help. Our exclusive tutoring system helps students change their approach to studying and get the grades they need to get into even the most competitive post-secondary courses. With three carefully designed tiers of ATAR tutoring available, A Team helps students discover new learning styles that lead to success. Our customised ATAR tutoring programs include:
• ATAR Excellence - prepares students applying for highly selective courses
• ATAR Intensive - helps improve grades across all ATAR subjects
• ATAR Booster - focuses on one particular subject area
Now is the time to let A Team help your child reach their full potential and be on their way to a successful career ahead.

Partnering with schools

As the only tutoring partner of the Australian Boarding School Association (ABSA), A Team Tuition understands the unique challenges that boarding schools face. We know that having the right support system is key to a child’s academic success. A Team is there to partner with schools to provide that extra level of support and motivation to students who are living away from their families. Our aim is to inspire and engage students through our unique tutoring service offered during the students’ prep time. By making learning fun, we’re able to improve students' confidence, motivation, and focus which in turn means that students achieve higher grades and are able to learn more efficiently in class. Through our partnerships with some of Australia's most reputable schools, we’re already seeing impressive results!


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