Conscious Conversations: - Online Sessions with Experienced Practitioner
Be held in sacred space and be supported to let go of damaging thinking patterns and take charge of your own life.

Step into the Role of Creator
The prevailing message of the world is that the power is outside of us. For most of us, role models such as Parents, teachers, and governments, all teach us that we have no power to change our own experience and this is just the way it is. The most important thing anyone can do in their life is to withdraw the permission you have given to life situations, people, organisations etc to control us and our state of being. The process Troy offers in these sessions supports you to see where your thinking is placing the power outside of yourself and how to reclaim it. It's that simple.

Has helped some clients with Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Obsessive Thinking.

Sound Healing - Online
Receive an intuitive Sound Session online with Didgeridoo, Flutes, Guitar, Vocals, and percussion.

Everyone is different, however sitters have often reported going on spirit journeys in the session, letting go of heaviness, memories, energies and a general feeling of lightness afterwards.  There have also been reports of heart openings / expansions, warmth, tears and emotion.  Everyone's experience is completely different and it is best to go in with an intention for the session without expectation of a result.

About Troy
Troy has trained and practiced mind / body / spirit modalities such as EFT Tapping and The Work of Byron Katie for over 10 years.  Alongside this, he has also played a variety of instruments for his own self expression and healing over the years, which he now also shares with others.  He has a strong foot in celtic and native American music, however is a natural singer and musician and effortlessly converts subtle energies into exquisite and powerful songs which offer a portal for transformation and release,

On a variety of instruments, Troy supports you to access many different aspects of self from past and lineage.
different flutes from around the world,
angelic vocals. 
melodic guitar, and
percussion which penetrates through and supports the release of stuckness. 


Childers QLD, Australia

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